Bookshelf Organization – Example 3

A media shelf holding an assortment of cassette tapes, CDs, VHS, and DVDs needed organization. Since the media shelf is in a storage room, functionality is more important than aesthetics. The shelving unit has different size shelves that needed additional shelving to accommodate all of the media. Shelving was improvised by adding cardboard boxes stored horizontally. The CDs have been grouped by genre and stored on the top shelves and the cassette tapes are stored in closed containers on the bottom middle shelf. The DVDs have been sorted by genre and alphabetized on the cream colored shelf on the middle left. The VHS tapes are organized on the right middle and right bottom shelves. Containers of photos are stacked on the bottom left shelf.

All photography featured photographed by Designated Spaces, LLC.

Media Shelf Before and After

Media Shelf Before and After

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