Bookshelf Organization – Example 2

This bookshelf holds an assortment of books categorized by type. The top shelf has fiction and historical fiction from left to right. On the second shelf is business inspirational and instructional on the left with inspirational and spiritual on the right. The third shelf displays instructional books on the left and geographical and travel books on the right. More instructional books follow on the right side of the fourth shelf while historical, biographical, and political information is found on the right. The bottom left shelf holds architectural and remodeling instructions and the bottom right shelf military naval aviation material. Similar to example one of bookshelf organization, most of the knick knacks and photo frames have been removed from the bookshelf in order to categorize all of the books listed formerly.

All photography featured photographed by Designated Spaces, LLC.

Bookshelf Before and After

Bookshelf Before and After

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