Herb and Vegetable Garden Planning and Planting

When considering herbs and vegetables for a garden, it is helpful to think about species, vegetable or fruit type, projected growth size, insect and animal resistance, and climate tolerance. The herb and vegetable garden featured has an assortment of cherry and Roma tomatoes (not shown) and culinary herbs including basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Basil plants repel certain insects and are delicious for salads, pizzas, and pesto. Parsley is also an insecticide against onion and carrot fly and can be used in many Italian and Mexican recipes including tomato sauces and salsa. Sage, rosemary, and thyme appreciate sand and lime in the soil. Sage and thyme can also be added as flavor for tea.

The majority of the herbs planted are perennials and will continue to grow in acceptable weather conditions. If the winter is long and cold, the best way to preserve the herbs for the following year is to transplant them to pots and shelter them indoors. When transplanting herbs into pots, remember to find pots large enough to allow room for the root system to spread out and grow.

All photography featured photographed by Designated Spaces, LLC.

Herb Garden

Herb Garden



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